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Shamanic therapy is powerful and magical; the most ancient, time tested, healing practice on earth. It is a combination of healing techniques that treats mental, physical, emotional and spiritual dis-ease. It brings the unconscious into the conscious which heightens self-awareness, changes behavioural patterns, clears negative energies and blockages leading to understanding and self-acceptance. 

Personal empowerment is at the heart of Shamanism. It provides various tools which helps us to acquire trust in our own ability to find wisdom within. It is important to know Shamanism is not a religion and one can use the practices without being in conflict with other spiritual paths.


Shamanism is the most ancient spiritual and healing practice known to humanity. It dates back to over 100,000 years. Shamanism works by connecting to non- ordinary states of consciousness and entering the spirit realms to seek wisdom, guidance and healing.

Shamanic Healing is a means to access Spiritual guidance which helps us to become more authentic and integrated with ourselves, others, spirit and nature. Sometimes we may feel in pain, uncomfortable, stuck, anxious, depressed, angry or unsettled in the world. Shamanic healing helps you to bring forth what is in shadow into light and awareness so that you can transform and heal it and in doing so move towards a place of peace and contentment in yourself.

Today many people feel disconnected from their purpose or life’s meaning due to the separation of human kind from The Spirit World over the course of our evolution.

Sometimes with a loss of source to connect with for answers this can lead to feeling lost and like the events of life make no sense. Shamanic practices provide an opportunity to connect with your own source energy for healing and guidance through ceremony and ritual. This can provide us with our own answers to big existential questions such as life’s meaning which can help us understand who we are bringing us a sense of purpose, meaning and empowerment.

As a Shamanic practitioner,  I weave psychology, spiritual development and the shamanic understanding of mental health and our multi-dimensional nature into Shamanic sessions to help you to understand the nature of your personal reality and move beyond personal blocks, conditioning and self-limiting belief systems and to understand more about yourself and your multi-dimensional expression.

This provides a powerful, open-hearted, sacred space where I work on behalf of the client using a variety of techniques to remove blocks and life obstacles at source, thereby restoring harmony in the body, mind, spirit and the human energy field.

Shamanic Approaches and Techniques:

Shamanic Counselling and Transpersonal Healing

This is a form of talk therapy. During the session we will journey with and be open to the ebb and flow of energetic experiences from the inner and outer worlds of your psyche. This approach will help you to gain a deep understanding of yourself through your memories, dreams and reflections. This can help you to find very powerful resolutions to life’s difficulties.


 The Medicine Wheel and the Eight Directions

This is a ceremony of your life map. We will journey from your birth to old age using the 8 directions of the compass. Each direction is assigned to a specific time in your timeline. If we want to live positive, authentic and contributing lives we need to explore all aspects of our life experience. We can explore unconscious patterns you may have developed and supports you have or need in your life to heal. This ceremony helps you to start to focus on the life you want to live. I will invite you to meet your older future self to gain wisdom and insight that can guide you. I have witnessed many very powerful effects of this medicine wheel on clients’ lives.

Soul Loss and Retrieval

Soul loss is the most extreme yet, sadly, still common cause of illness. Soul loss is most often experienced after a traumatic experience takes place, I am sure you have heard people say things like, “I have not been the same since the incident” or “A part of me died that day” . These remarks are red flags, indicating soul loss. Soul loss is major cause of disease, severe illness and even premature death.

Trauma such as relationship breakups, bullying, major accidents or surgery, physical, psychological and emotional abuse and bereavement can be such life shattering experiences that ones’ soul can begin to fragment and disassociate. This may leave us feeling “not all here”, fragmented, apathy, emotionally distant, forgetful, a lack of joy, motivation or enthusiasm, addicted, suicidal, depressed or anxious. It can cause relationship breakdowns and immune deficiencies.

The modern day term that best translates Soul Loss is “disassociation” that occurs as a result of post-traumatic stress where we may disconnect from ourselves or our surroundings as a coping device to survive potentially destructive traumatic events. Soul loss is a natural protective mechanism that occurs to protect you rather than to hurt you. However, every wound must be healed.

A simple example of soul loss may be when a child is told it is not acceptable to exhibit anger. The child may decide it is easier to supress their anger out of fear or punishment or withdrawal of love by their parents. Eventually this part of the child will become split off and deemed as an unacceptable part of them. If we neglect to heal these split off parts of ourselves we may be left with a chronic feeling of “un-wholeness”.

Often psychotherapy is used to treat Soul Loss. However, because psychotherapy perceives this “missing part” as being lost somewhere in the individual, rather than preserved in the realms of the collective unconscious it may not always work.

During soul retrieval I will journey with you into the spirit world with the intent of retrieving a particular part of your soul that you feel has split off.

 Journey's to Connect with a Power Animal and Spirit Guides

A Shamanic Journey is similar to meditation, although different in many ways. In a Shamanic Journey an intention is set. To the rhythmic beat of a shamanic drum and or rattle, we can journey to the Lower World where we can meet our Power Animals, animal allies and spirit guides. We can choose to journey to the Middle World, this is the non-ordinary reality of our earthly world. Or we can journey to the Upper World this where we can meet our ancestral elders and spirit guides.  A journey to meet a spirit guide or power animal can be very powerful. Power animals are nurturing, loving, cherishing creatures and Spirit guides are teachers, advisors and counsellors. After we make a connection with them in a Shamanic session we both we can call upon them in times of stress or simply to ask for advice and direction.

How to Establish a Place of Power or Sanctuary

By working together we can help you to find a place of sanctuary that can help you to feel safe, to seek guidance, to recharge and to move us towards healing. This place helps us reflect and gives us strength whenever are going through deeply emotionally challenging times in our lives. This is a place to feel at home, where we can connect with forces such as our power animals and spirit guides that we may not fully understand but that we know are there to help us on our life quest.

How to Live Soul Centred Life and Contribute

During this ceremony of “How to Live a Soul Centred Life and Contribute” we look at - Spiritual Practice, Being inspired, Truth, Taking responsibility, How to ask so you will receive, Getting involved, Following your heart, trust, gratitude, openness, Practicing loving and love, Creating healthy boundaries, Reconnecting with nature and the Integration of your true self and Your collective purpose.

 Clearing Ancestral Lines

We can use a Genogram which is a graphic representation of your family tree. We can trace these back two or three generations to give us information in your timeline that may be of benefit to your healing. This information may consist of hereditary patterns such as addiction or mental, physical, biological or spiritual disease.

This can be a great way to quickly identify and start to understand patterns in your family history which may be influencing your life today. We can also enter a meditative state to Journey back in time to connect with your ancestors and retrieve information.


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